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eddy friedland in stamford ct
- 5.0

Date: 2022-03-01

Project: deck. remodel

Erick. was very responsive ,always friendly and knew exactly how to make cleaned up at night before they left. the finished product. was 100 that he said. it would be before. he. started \r\nwe recommend him all my family. and friends as a highs. recommend

melissa. markley in stamford ct
- 5.0

Date: 2022-01-28

Project: deck. remodel

Fajardo and he team its. a Amazing ! I was so. impressed with. there workmanship and. punctuality . the are prices were fair and the job was done pretty fast and great

jonathan. wolfe in ardsley ny
- 5.0

Date: 2022-01-28

Project: office remodel

fajardo contractor \r\n ERICK and his crew are very. responsive and does great work the job took a litter longer that. anticipated , but there was some additional work that needed to be done along the way . Overall a good. experience. , Erick is a trustworthy and honest. guy!

samuel fasulo in tarrytown ny
- 5.0

Date: 2022-01-10

Project: master bathroom remodel

Erick.and his staff dis a fantastic job on a full demolition and reconstruction of a small bathroom and adjacent space into a pretty high. end master bathroom and updated exercise are.we`ve used Erick on several other projects in the past as well, but this was the biggest and most complex project yet .one of the things I like about working with Erick is that he has a very good eye for what will look good, and gives voice to that he thinks could look slightly better along. the way . we hit a pretty expensive and unanticipated and early on, but it was a necessary expense\r\nreplacing/ reinforcing part of a rotted foundation beam during demolition , and he is always deject and communicative about what needs to happen and why his work is of excellent quality ,and he doesn\'t rush the job . which show in the results . he\'s also always come in at a lower cost the others estimate for almost every job we\'ve asked him to do definitely recommend his work , which feels mote like a genuine collaboration

mike dearwester in scardale ny
- 5.0

Date: 2021-11-22

Project: bathroom remodel

Erick and his team were terrific . they totally overhauled our master bathroom . making it look beautiful and contemporary . throughout the process , Erick was imaginative , resourceful , and highly responsive in guiding us through this renovation . in short, Erick was a pleasure to work with and were extremely happy with the results \r\nthank you

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